We are Intevity. We aim to change the world by giving people more from digital.

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Intevity started as Twin Technologies in 2003. Since then, we’ve expanded our team, broadened our mission, and focused our business. 

When we first launched, we started with two simple goals:

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Over time, it became clear that what we offered our clients extended past the capabilities of traditional consulting firms or digital agencies. We found ourselves addressing not only purely digital problems, but also overlooked and unforeseen business challenges that arose from tackling digital efforts. This realization allowed us to sharpen our focus and help clients use technology to simplify their business—not overcomplicate or distract from it.


Now, under the name Intevity, we help clients return focus to where it matters most: their core business, by addressing the often overlooked problems that affect alignment, relevance, and velocity of business’ digital efforts. Through design thinking, pattern recognition, and deep technical acumen, we execute end-to-end solutions organized around meaningful business outcomes.

Reimagining what “could be” means understanding and effectively managing the interplay between technology, the human experience, and organizational change. At Intevity, we are doers and practitioners because we understand you can’t realize a vision without charting an actionable path and executing.

We are Intevity. We aim to change the world by giving people more from digital.

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People and purpose are at the nexus of Intevity, and impact every aspect of our outlook and approach to problem solving. They shape our decision-making and give us the power to turn down prospective work that falls outside our focus or is in conflict with our core values.

Our Mission

Help companies thrive in a digital world by addressing problems rooted in alignment, relevance, and velocity.

Our Values


Trust is the currency that drives our business. Vulnerability-based trust strengthens and bonds our teams. We are committed to protecting the best interests of our employees and clients at all times.


We are in our relentless pursuit of excellence. Our culture rewards attention to detail and nurtures collaboration to develop teams that are positioned to consistently exceed client expectations.


Innovation stems from our relentless curiosity to challenge “why” and “how.” We challenge what's possible because, without curiosity, there is no innovation.

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Ben Elmore
Ben Elmore LinkedIn Profile

CEO, Managing Partner

George Jagodzinski
George Jagodzinski LinkedIn Profile

SVP, Managing Partner

Steve Adams
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VP, Commercial Services

Shlomy Gantz
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VP, Public Sector

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