We’re changing the world by helping people realize the promise of technology.

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Intevity started as Twin Technologies in 2003 with two simple goals: help companies realize the promise of technology, and build meaningful relationships with those companies. 

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We succeeded. Wildly. We’ve grown, and grown, and grown some more, but our core focus has never changed. We do a lot more today than we did yesterday, but we remain grounded in knowing that technology alone rarely transforms an organization effectively. 

We look for unforeseen business challenges that arise when planning and implementing digital solutions. We take a holistic view of technology as a part of a much larger whole, one that includes your customers, your employees, your partners, and your culture along with the many assumptions that drive a desire to modernize and create better experiences; but at the same time can also create problems with integration, process, and cost.

We believe technology is designed by people, for people, to make life easier. Our focus on "human first" is what truly sets us apart. 


Technology empowers people and is about serving people. We start and end there.

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Technology’s promise can be intoxicating, yet at times, elusive. We make sure that alignment, relevance, and velocity (our Digital Triality model) are always made explicit and fully explored so a powerful transformation is the end result. We deploy expertise around design thinking, pattern recognition, strategy, and deep technical acumen through end-to-end solutions, organized around achieving meaningful business outcomes.

But we do so much more than that.

We allow your company and your people to focus on what matters; operating the business. Any digital solution you’re considering should be fully integrated with the human experience of your customers and employees, empowered by the intended organizational change needed to make the business and technology transformation successful.

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We’ve been different from the start and by design. We’ve always valued work-life balance, allowing our team to have full, meaningful, and vibrant lives in and out of work. We attract top talent for a simple reason: this is a great place to work, where family wins and off-the-grid adventures are encouraged and celebrated every bit as much as excellence on the job.

Intevity invests in its people, and as a result, they invest back into the company with their creativity, experience and talents. This work-life balance means all of us are properly resourced, motivated and energized to fully bring innovative solutions to our clients.


Our Mission

Help companies thrive in a digital world by addressing problems rooted in alignment, relevance, and velocity.

Our Values


Trust is the currency that drives our business. Vulnerability-based trust strengthens and bonds our teams. We are committed to protecting the best interests of our employees and clients at all times.


We are in our relentless pursuit of excellence. Our culture rewards attention to detail and nurtures collaboration to develop teams that are positioned to consistently exceed client expectations.


Innovation stems from our relentless curiosity to challenge “why” and “how.” We challenge what's possible because, without curiosity, there is no innovation.

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Ben Elmore
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CEO, Managing Partner

George Jagodzinski
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SVP, Managing Partner

Steve Adams
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VP, Commercial Services

Shlomy Gantz
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VP, Public Sector

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