Implementing digital solutions can revolutionize how business is done. It can also create equally big challenges in integration and cost as it impacts existing systems and processes in unseen ways. Our services and solutions are designed to deliver on the promise of technology while mitigating any negative impacts that might drive up costs or produce less than ideal results.

Intevity Interactive Model

Digital Triality

Our services are driven and informed by our Digital Triality model, the unique way that Intevity serves the needs of our clients.

This is the most cutting-edge map available to understand the forces at play inside your company. Tested and refined over nearly 20 years, it allows us to see all the places technology will create impacts.

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The User

You and your customer in the digital world we live in. User research is a valuable tool in understanding this audience. 
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Problems We Solve

In this age of "Digital Transformation," we believe that companies must address three fundamental problems to master technology and realize its full value. These problems and their root causes are often ignored either because people don’t believe there’s a problem, or they don’t think the problem is fixable. Solving the problems of alignment, relevance, and velocity is where companies will see the most significant gains.

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A lack of alignment across a team causes confusion and conflicting priorities and will always lead to choosing bad digital solutions, without fully understanding what’s possible or what might go wrong.

  • Do your teams struggle to collaborate or make decisions effectively?
  • Are your digital initiatives duplicative or misaligned?
  • Are you building things that you should buy and buying things that you should build?

Industry reports cite a grave cost for unaligned teams.


of executives and middle managers responsible for executing strategy can list three of their company’s strategic priorities. [1] MIT Sloan


of managers cite failure to coordinate across units as the single greatest challenge to executing their company’s strategy. [2] HBR


of employees do not understand their organization's strategy. [3] Six Disciplines

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Providing solutions your customers aren’t looking for is only going to lead to attrition. But not anticipating what tomorrow’s customers will want creates an opportunity for your competition to step in. We’ll help you understand what’s relevant today and next year, from the eyes of the people who matter most.

  • Has your business outpaced digital or vice versa?
  • Can you validate customer needs before launching a new feature or service at scale?
  • How confident are you that customers will pay for a new offering?
  • Does your company have a clear framework for deciding if a problem is worth solving?

Industry reports cite the dangers of a loss of relevance.  


of consumers and 82% of business buyers say that technology has made it easier than ever to take their business elsewhere. [1] Salesforce

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We make sure your digital solution is part of an integrated machine that includes marketing, customer communication and anticipated needs, and the integration of existing legacy technology investments so that you stay ahead of your competition.

  • Do your digital systems slow you down?
  • Is your business able to respond to changing customer needs?
  • Do you know what digital investments drive meaningful outcomes?

Industry reports cite large threats for delayed and lagging teams. 


of new products miss their launch date. [1] Cisco


of profits may be lost if a product is delayed by 6 months. [2] Cisco

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Our Competencies

Through the lens of our Digital Triality Model, we recognize hidden and interdependent problems that are otherwise overlooked through traditional models. Intevity sees beyond the constraints of a singular perspective in order to gain insights from organization, experience, and execution—the foundation of competitive advantage. We help clients create a clear business advantage by not only seeing things as they are, but also for how they could be, with a clear path to get there.

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Digital Organization

Intevity’s expertise lies in that intersection of technology’s promise and it’s successful deployment, with a strong eye on how your company’s people will ultimately drive the success or failure of any digital solution.

  • Improve organizational velocity and resilience
  • De-risk digital and data investments
  • Unlock new opportunities for growth
  • Activate innovation

Our Digital Organization Capabilities

Organizational Design

Align organizational structures and teams to reduce friction and improve velocity.

Change Management

Drive adoption of key initiatives at the enterprise level while minimizing organizational disruption.

Innovation Frameworks

Foster idea creation and accelerate innovation in a repeatable and measurable way.

Agile Operating Models

Foundational models related to program governance, how decisions are made, and the way work gets done.

Platform and Data

Create scalable common solutions and services tier that creates organizational efficiencies, and unlocks new customer experiences.

People and Culture

Enable a culture of ownership, accountability, and empowerment.

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Digital Experience

Intevity has some of the best developers in the business, meaning we can deploy teams to create almost any kind of digital experience. Our CEO is a former programmer himself. This deep understanding of technology gives our services an edge that is uncommon in the consultancy space.

  • Get unstuck through our proven, collaborative design-thinking workshops and user research efforts
  • Align customer and employee experiences with brand and business strategy
  • Design frictionless, customer-centric experiences

Our Digital Experience Capabilities

Experience Strategy

Define a meaningful, unified customer experience that aligns with brand/business strategy.

User Experience Design

Deliver rich, intuitive, end-to-end experiences across all digital touchpoints.

Service Design

Optimize processes and infrastructure to deliver exceptional customer service for a product or service.

Product Innovation

Uncover new opportunities and differentiators with research-backed prototypes.

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Digital Execution

We like to say let the technology serve your vision, not set it. By that, we mean that we understand more than just technology. We also understand people, and the cultures that exist inside of a company that will need to choose, develop, implement, and ultimately manage any new technology brought to impact a business challenge.

Simply put, there is no such thing as technology without people. The software was written by people, implemented by people, and will be used by people, and as such it can be as fallible, and powerful, as anything else that we humans create.

  • Identify and leverage digital and cloud technologies to meet changing demands
  • Increase velocity while decreasing costs and organizational risk
  • Future-proof systems against emerging disruptors
  • Enable data-driven decision-making

Our Digital Execution Capabilities

Custom Development Solutions

Customized software solutions tailored to the challenges facing your specific organization or customers.

Cloud Transformation

Scalable, secure migration and optimization of infrastructure to the Cloud.

Enterprise Architecture

Reduce risk, redundancy, and security exposure by strategizing a strong technological infrastructure.

Solution Architecture

Design flexible, secure, high-availability solutions.

Platform Development

Develop tailored experiences on the worlds leading platforms.