Achieve exponential growth by making your technology work for you

We solve complex problems with smarter solutions to make achieving your goals simpler and faster.

Align yourself with confidence

We ask the right questions of the right people to get to the heart of the problems that matter. This results in human-led solutions that make a difference.

Intevity blends disciplines like very few can

Our highly-specialized teams work seamlessly together. With our cross-discipline approach to problem solving, you get expertise that aligns perfectly to your business for the immediate and long-term.

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A team of one

The best work is done together. Our approach is to become an extension of your team. Our people work alongside yours to manage processes, partners, and vendors.

By sharing the workload, you can focus on what you know best: your business and your customers.

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Drive rapid and
repeatable growth

Digital Triality® is how we identify the right problem every time. Our proven Digital Triality® approach is geared to get you moving quickly and assuredly.

A lack of alignment across a team causes confusion and conflicting priorities and will always lead to choosing bad digital solutions, without fully understanding what’s possible or what might go wrong.

  • Do your teams struggle to collaborate or make decisions effectively?
  • Are your digital initiatives duplicative or misaligned?
  • Are you building things that you should buy and buying things that you should build?

Providing solutions your customers aren’t looking for is only going to lead to attrition. But not anticipating what tomorrow’s customers will want creates an opportunity for your competition to step in. We’ll help you understand what’s relevant today and next year, from the eyes of the people who matter most.

  • Has your business outpaced digital or vice versa?
  • Can you validate customer needs before launching a new feature or service at scale?
  • How confident are you that customers will pay for a new offering?
  • Does your company have a clear framework for deciding if a problem is worth solving?

We make sure your digital solution is part of an integrated machine that includes marketing, customer communication and anticipated needs, and the integration of existing legacy technology investments so that you stay ahead of your competition.

  • Do your digital systems slow you down?
  • Is your business able to respond to changing customer needs?
  • Do you know what digital investments drive meaningful outcomes?
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Comprehensive results at speed

We ask the right questions of the right people to get to the heart of the problems that matter. This results in a human lead solution that makes a difference.

Intevity deploys our Discovery and or Accelerators to enable and ensure rapid solution alignment without missing any essential details.

We use a signature proven approach to define key problems, our digital triality approach has been proven to get you moving digitally and assuredly.

Pushing the right pedal

We tailor our Accelerators to make sure you’re focused on the most important problems.

  • For understanding the true needs of a potential client and how any proposed solution will have substantial impact on an organization.

  • For evaluating plans to build and evolve digital platforms, plus reduce risk in future platform investments.

  • For achieving confidence in data analysis and building holistic strategies around data-led information.

  • For improving speed-to-market, optimizing teams, and aligning priorities toward better results and buy-in.

  • For accelerating the product roadmap and improving time-to-value. We also empower businesses to scale and align investment with outcomes.