Shifting from retailer to big brand strategic partner.

Intevity collaborated with Drizly leadership to unlock new opportunities for growth and scale the business via focused strategic partnerships. Our research and collaborative engagement unlocked extraordinary growth in supplier-driven revenue. We saw another way forward: positioning Drizly as an industry thought leader and partner ready for rapid expansion.


A full-funnel engagement strategy for exponential revenue growth


Optimizing digital engagement beyond existing partners.



To expand Drizly’s engagement with their existing retailer network as part of a partnership strategy. 


Through a strategy accelerator workshop and key supplier engagement, we uncovered Drizly’s potential for rapid and significant revenue growth. We created a roadmap that went beyond the original ask – outlining how Drizly would benefit from focusing on digital engagement to acquire new customers. To do so, we recognized the opportunity for Drizly to reposition themselves as an industry thought-leader and big brand strategic partner ready for expansion.


Sharpen your focus to amplify your outcomes.



With Intevity as strategic advisor, Drizly redefined themselves as a full-funnel partner for suppliers. Focusing on brand experience, Drizly collaborated with suppliers to design an API that provided detailed inventory data – streamlining products and simplifying transactions for both sellers and buyers.

By shifting their approach and backing it up with powerful tech, we supported Drizly to sharpen their focus and confidently make changes to processes. As a result, Drizly repositioned themselves as a market leader, locked in top-tier brands, acted as advisor to their retail network, and realized exponential revenue gains.

  • 5x

    Increase in new methods for partners to engage

  • 500%

    Increase in supplier driven revenue

  • $1.1B

    Exit achieved in 2021

Working with Intevity has been transformational. The strategy workshops and hands on execution from experienced operators has provided us with a new approach to drive the right outcomes and accelerate partnership growth.”