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As a rapidly growing company, Foundation Medicine’s existing intranet turned into an unmanageable beast that was rarely used. Their internal communications team knew they needed a solution, but not what that looked like. By first discovering problems and validating concepts through our accelerator program, we were able to help build a digital platform that shared essential information with their growing employee base and could also scale into the future.

Connecting 2000+ brilliant minds in one thriving hub


A single source of truth to empower Foundation Medicine’s scientists, staff and contractors.



To rebuild an intranet that organized all of the essential information Foundation Medicine’s employees needed to get their groundbreaking work done.


We uncovered that it wasn’t just about making Foundation’s existing information easy to navigate. It was also key to developing tools and processes to make adding new information easier to allow for future growth. We further discovered a gap in skills that needed filling if that growth was to be achieved with maximum efficiency.


Information isn’t power unless the right people can find it.



Right alongside Foundation, we built ‘The Hub’ – a single source of information that Foundation’s people could access and add to in a streamlined way. Directories, policies, hot news, hires, and other essential information was organized into a website format that anyone could intuitively navigate. We also created templates for adding new pages and a process for vetting information to make sure it was relevant. Instantly, the intranet went from 800 hits a month to 2,000 hits a month – saving crucial time in asking other people how to find things.


In 2021, Foundation Medicine was awarded "Modern Intranet of the Year 2021".

  • 1

    Hub to make work easy

  • 400+

    Pages of information curated

  • 2000+

    People organized with everything they need

The thing that impressed me is the whole Intevity team rolled up their sleeves and got into the weeds to figure out what we needed and make better recommendations.

Alison Drakeford, Director of Internal Communications, Foundation Medicine