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    277 Days

    for security teams to identify and contain a data breach

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    76% of Organizations

    were targeted by a ransomware attack in 2022

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    $10.5 Trillion

    projected annual damage from cybercrime by 2025

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    61% Increase

    increase in phishing attacks in 2022

Are you taking the necessary steps to protect your business from cyber threats?

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Real-World Defense

Every day, our team of experts delivers specialized cybersecurity solutions that protect businesses without compromising operational speed. Browse our latest case studies below.

Custom Cybersecurity Roadmap for Leading Mortgage Lender

The Challenge


The client needed to accelerate internal enterprise cybersecurity initiatives and capabilities following a comprehensive security evaluation. Some key issues they were looking to address included:

  • Identifying and prioritizing risk exposure
  • Building an enterprise-level internal cybersecurity capability
  • Finding enhancements to strengthen their digital infrastructure

What We Did


Intevity utilized its Human-First approach to meet the client's cybersecurity requirements:

  • Cybersecurity workshops aligned key stakeholders on a roadmap to a strong cybersecurity posture.
  • Intevity's cybersecurity experts guided the creation of internal GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance) and SecOps capabilities, augmenting efforts with a hands-on approach.
  • The resulting plan considered human capabilities, limitations, and characteristics in designing and implementing effective cybersecurity tools, policies, and procedures.
  • The prioritization roadmap and mitigation strategies were repeatedly refined throughout the lifecycle iteratively with the client's technical and executive leaders.

Our Impact


Intevity's approach allowed the client to build cybersecurity capabilities quickly while ensuring that business velocity and usability were unaffected.

Modernizing Authentication in the Public Sector

The Challenge


As part of their plan to modernize, the client was looking to architect a cloud-based federated authentication solution. The key issues that needed to be addressed include:

  • Mitigating risk associated with multiple identity management providers for a single source of truth
  • Identifying technical gaps within the current infrastructure
  • Utilizing cloud-native technologies and automation

What We Did


Intevity utilized its Human-First approach to meet the client's cybersecurity requirements:

  • The Global Directory was heavily focused on a Zero Trust architecture to mitigate cybersecurity concerns.
  • All infrastructure was built with state-of-the-art technologies and tooling to support proper security and cyber hygiene.
  • The solution included containerized infrastructure utilizing automation to improve deployments while minimizing daily human interaction.

Our Impact


Intevity designed and implemented a state-of-the-art solution that ensures the security and ease of user logins and interactions with systems for a high-profile, high-volume government entity.

DevSecOps Pipeline for a Government Entity

The Challenge


The client came to us with the desire to build out a DevSecOps pipeline to facilitate proper security while using IAC (Infrastructure as Code) deployments. The key issues that needed to be addressed included:

  • Centralized repository for container images
  • Securing a CI/CD (continuous integration, continuous deployment) pipeline for users to accelerate cloud adoption
  • Creating forward-leaning security and cybersecurity mechanisms for handling IAC

What We Did 


We facilitated the construction of a turn-key secure pipeline for users to adopt with minimal friction.

  • We created a centralized repository for the storage of hardened container images.
  • Advanced cloud-native tooling was employed to set up a secure system for container scanning.
  • Specific control gates were implemented for automated scanning when code updates get pushed.

Our Impact


Intevity built out a DevSecOps pipeline leveraging a cloud-native toolset with a focus on advanced security and automation that significantly expedited cloud adoption.

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Cybersecurity built for humans

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    Cybersecurity is a human problem

    According to a study by the World Economic Forum, human error was a major contributing cause in 95% of all breaches. Intevity deals with the root of the vulnerability by taking a human-first approach and creating a sustainable security stance to future-proof the organization.

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    Cybersecurity is a modernization problem

    Organizations that fall behind on modernization initiatives create ever-increasing cybersecurity vulnerabilities directly and indirectly. When employees do not have the right technology to enable them to succeed, they will naturally find a workaround that is often insecure.

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    Cybersecurity is a personal problem

    By focusing on the personal concerns of your employees/teams, Intevity creates a faster and more lasting cybersecurity posture that protects the organization and the individual.

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    Cybersecurity is a velocity problem

    Too often, the cybersecurity team is perceived as a blocker for business velocity, blocking innovation and market disruption with rules, regulations, and lengthy processes. By reversing the cybersecurity stance to a core business accelerator, Intevity enables organizations to move quickly and smoothly while maintaining overall security.



Intevity quickly unlocks cybersecurity velocity and enables long-term sustainable results.


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