Launching communication workflows into hyperdrive.

Getting to the thrust of the problem


Accelerating workflows through a better understanding of every stakeholder’s needs.



NASA’s Scientific and Technical Information (STI) team initially engaged Intevity to demonstrate the capabilities of the AEM Forms platform. Following the rapid prototyping and platform demo, NASA’s STI group engaged Intevity to define, design, and develop a change management process/workflow to safeguard the distribution and publication of the agency’s sensitive scientific information. The secondary objective was for Intevity to optimize the overall processing time and reduce the workload on hundreds of NASA STI submitters.


Intevity realized the challenge was not just in converting a form from one platform to another. The system that NASA replaced was weighed down by outdated business rules, form redundancies, and inconsistent application across the NASA Centers.

Given the complexity, scale, and number of stakeholders involved, Intevity worked with the STI team to identify requirements and dependencies across each of the ten NASA Centers --conducting workshops, needs assessments, and demos with the various user groups. By applying design thinking and the digital triality framework, Intevity could quickly synthesize the information and streamline the proposed solution.


Consistent systems deliver consistent results.



By making workflows more consistent across NASA centers and using the right digital forms for the jobs, we enabled planned improvements to happen much faster. The entire management process was improved, auditing and reporting were streamlined, and new feedback mechanisms and outreach capabilities to various NASA facilities were established.

  • Simplify the end-to-end management process

  • Improved auditing and reporting capabilities

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