Automation And The Benefits of Relationship Building.

Talking tech on the Rita Cosby Show was a real delight. Rita and I chatted about how companies, especially mid-sized ones, are turning to automation to weather current economic headwinds. These include a shortage of qualified workers, rising inflation, and higher customer expectations (largely due to the pandemic).

As I told Rita, we’re starting to see executives examine which business processes are highly repetitive. They want to use automation to free up their workforce to focus on more valuable work – serving customers’ needs well.

The customer is setting a higher bar around access to information, products, and services, all at a moment’s notice. It’s not just price that wins, but in our tight economic market, mid-sized companies can’t meet these expectations simply through hiring more people.

It could be providing a self-service process for online bill paying or giving real-time insights into available inventory. Successful implementation and deployment of automation allows managers to be more effective at serving their customers and combatting inflationary pressures they are facing.

We talked about this and so much more, including the need for more dialogue and regulation around the protection of customer data and how my values seep into the kind of leader I aspire to be. I hope you will have a listen.


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