Short insights on digital market trend learnings and our approach to problem-solving.

Decision-Making Frameworks: Part 2

4 minute read → In part 1 of this series, we simplified decision-making by identifying ways to focus on only the most meaningful decisions. While decision-making models can have a major impact on helping leaders and organizations thrive in a digital world, more factors are at play in real-word scenarios.  

Top 4 reasons why innovation fails (and what to do about it)

4 minute read → Depending on which business article you read, the percentage of innovation initiatives that fail is somewhere between 70 and 95%. In other words, it’s high. But why is it so high? And what can you do to succeed? Here are the 4 top reasons why we have seen innovations fail.  

Decision-Making Frameworks: Part 1

3 minute read →     "Arguably the single most important component of meaningful Digital Transformation"   The key to success is surprisingly simple. Just make the right decisions. That’s it… The right decisions = growth. The right decisions = innovation and speed to market. The right decisions = empowered and highly performing teams. Easy, right? 

Digital Triality: Treat underlying problems—not symptoms

2 minute read  →  Over sixteen years ago, we launched Intevity (previously Twin Technologies) with two goals: 1) build lasting relationships and 2) uncover what’s possible for businesses through the use of technology. We focused on relationships—with our clients, partners, and employees—and most of all, on those between our clients and their own..

Automated Testing with Microservices

5 minute read → More than ever, businesses need to adapt to how and where their customers are wanting to engage. Growth, revenue, and engagement via traditional (web) channels are being exhausted. New digital mediums need to be stood up quickly when significant market segments are identified. Microservice architecture is a response to that demand..

Migrating to Microservice Architecture

6 minute read → Planning the Architecture We previously covered some important team and organizational considerations when preparing for microservices. We’re now going dive into the actual technical planning phases and key considerations for microservice architecture design. As covered in other great microservice articles, microservice..