Short insights on digital market trend learnings and our approach to problem-solving

How to create and use customer service blueprints to improve your business

Imagine as an employee that you need to use several applications to complete a single task, or that it takes 6 systems and 3 different department authorizations to provide one customer with your product or service. Many clients we work with are surprised to discover that a single task a customer or employee completes as part of routine business..

Digital transformation overload: how to prioritize the right company initiatives

3 minute read → A partner of ours took a new job at a Fortune 500 healthcare company and found himself inheriting over 100 digital initiatives. All required investments of both attention and money, an impossible task if he wanted each one to be done well. Which ones were the right ones to focus on?

Decision-Making Frameworks: Part 2

4 minute read → In part 1 of this series, we simplified decision-making by identifying ways to focus on only the most meaningful decisions. While decision-making models can have a major impact on helping leaders and organizations thrive in a digital world, more factors are at play in real-word scenarios.  

Decision-Making Frameworks: Part 1

3 minute read →     "Arguably the single most important component of meaningful Digital Transformation"   The key to success is surprisingly simple. Just make the right decisions. That’s it… The right decisions = growth. The right decisions = innovation and speed to market. The right decisions = empowered and highly performing teams. Easy, right? 

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